What dish could we share a good pulque with?

Pulque is a drink that fills us with joy, especially if we drink more than three glasses. As you know, the water from the green bushes is very popular in our State because we have the good fortune that the maguey hits well and therefore we enjoy “pulque del bueno, pulque del chingón” (wink, wink); Municipalities such as Calpulalpan and Nanacamilpa are part of the mere region that makes this delicious drink. We have talked and read a lot about this deliciousness; that if the god was buried in Zultepec, that if the agave is a first cousin of the maguey, that if pulque and chito sure, little boy, that if it is cheap, that if natural or cured, that if you drink it pregnant you will have a lot of milk for your baby… but another thing that we love at Escenario Tlaxcala is eating and so we began to think one Godineo afternoon with what dishes we would accompany a good pulque: Maguey worms It is obvious, we know it, maguey worms are the larvae of a butterfly that feeds on the leaves, they occur in the rainy season and there are around four on each plant; That is why its price is sooo high (approximately 700 pesos per kilo), then the fittest ones are selected to be eaten. Now imagine them prepared in a taquito with a sauce and accompanied by some pulquitos. #ÑamÑam Escamoles The escamoles are the roe of an ant that is found deep in the maguey, so it is not easy to obtain them, they are also seasonal, so like the worms, they are quite expensive. Escamoles are known as Mexican caviar, and with good reason, since they are a delicatessen from the world of insects that, prepared with butter and epazote in a small cube, will make you feel like you are in paradise itself. Barbecue The barbecue is another food that matches with a derivative of the maguey, since its leaves are roasted and used as a bed to wrap the meat of the sheep; This gives it a super special touch. We believe that it is a winning combination to share with some pulques because it also involves the ritual of taquito, salsita, lemon and all the delicious things in life. Grasshoppers If you don’t have time or money to put together one of the previous dishes, we invite you to try replacing the pretzels with some delicious grasshoppers with chilito and lemon. a delicacy that asks nothing of the traditional snack, also, what more Mexican than combining it with some good pulques! We invite you to explore the world of flavors that these dishes offer you, because although some of them seem very exotic, you cannot go through life without trying them or believing that they taste like chicken; They taste like what they are and the dining experience is second to none. If you don’t like them, then you cover the bite with that pulquito with which you accompany them, but we assure you that you will enjoy these winning combinations very much.


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